Monsoon Skincare 101: How to Deal With the Implications of Humidity?

We are in July now & monsoons are not going anywhere for the next few weeks. It is no surprise that monsoons act as relief from the blistering heat & humidity that the previous months have made us suffer from.

But with frequent rainfalls during this season comes extreme humidity, which is much more severe than in the summers. This elevation in humidity can cause damage to the skin. People who have a certain type of skin like oily can prove to be much more difficult. The sweat only adds to the problems. If not taken proper care of, your skin can suffer from issues like acne, pimples, and plenty of other skin infections.

To help you out, we have gathered here a few ways in which you can take care of your skin during monsoons:

Drink plenty of water:

Proper hydration should be an essential part of your everyday life throughout the year. Our body, for the most part, which is 70%, is made up of water. When it comes to monsoons, due to extreme humidity a lot of it is lost in sweat. Since there is no urge to drink water unlike in summers, you may end up dehydrating yourself. This is why you need to consciously rehydrate yourself. Drinking water helps eliminate the toxins from your body. This reduces the chances of skin issues like acne breakouts.

Exfoliate your skin well:

Your skin can become really clogged during the monsoons. Exfoliating your skin helps unclog your skin & remove the dead skin cells. If you don’t want to step out, there are enough ingredients available in your kitchen that can act as great exfoliators like coffee, oatmeal, papaya, baking soda, etc. these ingredients not only get rid of dead skin cells but also support the generation of new skin cells.

Moisturizing, toning & cleansing:

Cleansing comes after you have exfoliated your skin thoroughly. By cleansing, you provide your skin a chance to breathe properly. For cleansing, you can use anything from rose water to honey & lemon. Cleansing also reduces the chances of dirt accumulation on your skin. Toning helps remove the dirt that has been left on your skin. You can use ingredients like lemon juice & green tea for toning. The last step you need to follow is to moisturize your skin thoroughly to keep your skin well hydrated.